Just Started Playing Smite

I’ve been play Smite lately. A few years ago I saw my brother-in-law playing a Warcraft III mod where teams of heroes smacked up mobs of npcs and each other on a three lane map and I didn’t really think it was going to end up being a subgenre, but here we are seven years later and people are playing dressed up versions of that game for a million dollar while I didn’t have a good gaming PC.

I found the new Tribes game on a free games list and when it was downloading this other game they made called Smite where gods smack each other up, and mobs of npcs too, and I decided to try it since I have a nice new computer. It’s pretty good.

So far I’ve lost a lot of matches and gotten a few satisfying kills. My boy is Poseidon, he can make a kraken come up and smack people up for him which is pretty great. His abilities are tough to aim sometimes but it’s no big deal. I miss sometimes, I think if I hit every time I’d probably have more kills.


He gets faster when he hits people, though. I watched a video that said to hang back and throw shade at dudes from far away until you get your ultimate up and then try to get a hero kill and it seemed to work. I’ve been playing with auto items for streamlining reasons for a bit but I’ve started picking my own weapons and it’s working alright.

I switched over to Ra because I would get a bunch of gems for mastering a character and he was pretty sick, but now I’m messing around with a big thug ice giant that breathes ice and also can shoot ice spikes out of his back. Good times.