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Dear Marjorie Reinhart,

I was excited to hear that the Albany Public Library had an opening for someone with my professional and educational background. I've always imagined working for the library but I'd never heard of a position that seemed like a good fit until now. With my strong background in writing and web media, I am an excellent candidate.

In college I found myself drawn to communications fields, working in newspaper and radio in both of the colleges I went to. Even though my degree was in literature, most of my extracurricular experience was more hands on, giving me an ideal educational background to work with the public front of an organization dedicated, in large part, to the dissemination of the written word.

I've also been dedicated over the past few months to the aquisition of computer skills. Through online educational materials, I've learned to use jQuery, bootstrap, javascript, css, and html to design and produce content for the web. I also have a strong working knowledge of Adobe InDesign and Photoshop, extensive background with Microsoft Office Suite applications, and several years of experience with commercial printing. I believe my experience with using online resources for self-guided education gives me a hands on understanding of some of the potential of the library system going into the future.

The library is a lynchpin of the community, a crucial link between people and a greater world. A strong public presence is critical to making sure that the library can serve this role. I would be an excellent member of your professional staff and a strong ally in moving forward the goals of the organization.


James Beardsley

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James Beardsley
136 1/2 Lancaster Street Apartment A
Albany, NY 12210

(518) 522-3175


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